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Outside of the Can Jam, what ingredient would you like to see The 3 Canners do next?

We’ll check back in a few weeks. Thanks for participating.


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So here is our first real post and also our first recipe as part of the 2010 Can Jam. This month’s ingredient was ‘citrus’ so after a long discussion and a few bottles of wine, we decided that we would do a nice marmalade with a twist. We thought it would taste delicious on a fresh piece of crusty bread or as a glaze on meat or fish. We thought about doing something with Seville oranges that come into season in Canada around now but eventually decided we liked the flavor profile of the blood orange more.

Here are some shots from our marmalade ‘jam session’.

For those of you who want to give it a try, the recipe is below. Enjoy!

Blood Orange Port Ginger Marmalade
12 Blood Oranges
6 Lemon
6 cups Water
3 cups Port Wine (we used W.J. Graham’s 2003 Late Bottled Vintage Port)
2 Tb Ginger (fine grind)
7.5 cups Granulated Sugar
1 bottle of Red Wine w/ 3 glasses
Open wine, pour glass and sip. Then remove outer rind from oranges with a vegetable peeler and cut into fine strips. Squeeze juice from oranges, toss out the white inner rind and seeds. Add the juice and any pulp to your saucepan. Take sip of red wine.

Squeeze juice from lemons and slice rind into fine strips. Add lemon juice, rind, water, ginger and port wine to saucepan. Bring it all to boil over high heat, reduce heat, cover and boil gently for 30 minutes. Take sip of red wine.

Add sugar bring to boil and boil rapidly, uncovered until the mixture forms a gel, about 15 minutes should do it, stirring frequently while drinking wine. Remove from heat.
Ladle into hot jars and process for 10 minutes.
Finish rest of red wine.
Makes 12 – 250ml jars.

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Check back on January 18th for our new post on our

Blood Orange Port Ginger Marmalade.

We’ll have photos and the recipe as part of Can Jam 2010.


The 3 Canners.

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The 3 Canners are excited to be participating along with 136 others passionate preservists in ‘Can Jam 2010‘. Every month a different key ingredient will be announced and participants have to come up with a recipe and start canning! The first month’s ingredient is CITRUS! So stay tuned for our recipe.

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Welcome to the new online blog for the bandits of beans, the jesters of jam…

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You’ll be able to follow our preserving adventures including recipes, photos and all kinds of interesting exploits. The fun starts now! Thanks for stopping by!

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